Youth Faire is available for original music, ceremonies, kids’ parties and funerals

Youth Faire, the brainchild of musician/composer Julio Monterrey, creates ultra-unique and tailored scoring and soundtracks that complement and enhance films, online videos and websites for filmmakers, agencies, brands and web enthusiasts.

With influences from early electronica and Jazz, Youth Faire offers up a melodious mixture of soundscapes that create a vast variety of distinctive textures and moods.

In partnership with m ss ng p eces, Youth Faire’s musical talents have been featured on the spots for GE, TED, Sundance Channel, the Mountain Dew Green series, the 99% Conference, and the Webby award-winning series Cool Hunting Video. Youth Faire has also collaborated with numerous artists in a wide assortment of endeavors, from scoring experimental films to serenading dinner parties

 How About We

 The Hole is not empty

 And it was Good – Trailer

 Grow google

 Other scoring

 TED prize-Quincy

 TED prize-Gore

 TED prize-Benson

 TED 1

 TED 4

 TED 3

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