Youth Faire is available for original music, ceremonies, kids’ parties and funerals

Youth Faire, the brainchild of musician/composer Julio Monterrey, creates ultra-unique and tailored scoring and soundtracks that complement and enhance films, online videos and websites for filmmakers, agencies, brands and web enthusiasts.

With influences from early electronica and Jazz, Youth Faire offers up a melodious mixture of soundscapes that create a vast variety of distinctive textures and moods.

In partnership with m ss ng p eces, Youth Faire’s musical talents have been featured on the spots for GE, TED, Sundance Channel, the Mountain Dew Green series, the 99% Conference, and the Webby award-winning series Cool Hunting Video. Youth Faire has also collaborated with numerous artists in a wide assortment of endeavors, from scoring experimental films to serenading dinner parties.


 GAP The Pico Creative Loft

 Dom Perignon Oeneotheque

 São Paulo Fashion Week, Summer 2010: The Bikini

 Burton Manufacturing Center: How to Make a Snowboard

 Robert Hammond at The 99% Conference

 The World’s Largest Lemonade Stand

 Flavor Paper

 Ji Lee at The 99% Conference

 KK Projects

 Scott Thomas at the 99% Conference

 Cool Hunting’s Baltimore: A Word-of-Mouth Guide

 Cool Hunting’s Oakland: A Word-of-Mouth Guide


 Mast Brothers

 Less and More: The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams

 How to make Kim Chee

 CHV Watchismo 1

 CHV Os Gemeos

 CHV Gardens 1

 CHV Dodi B

 CHV Dieter Rams 2

 CHV Basel

 CHV korea 6

 CHV 99% 2010 2

 CHV Parla jazz

 CHV Next Fest 2

 CHV Materials & Applications 1

 CHV Brazil fashion v2

 CHV Create Project

 CHV Gelitin 1

 CHV Lemonade v2

 CHV absolut baltimore

 CHV Jill

 CHV Wonder Woman

 CHV 60

 CHV Esque

 CHV Papabubble

 CHV cool fest 99%

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